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Re: Looking for a co-maintainer for adduser

Marc Haber wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:
> >I'd rather that the tools in Debian base were written in a high-level
> >language where available. Take away Perl and you've got only shell, C,
> >and C++ left; I don't think that's going to improve security in
> >practice.
> Well-written C++ using well tested class libraries tend to do a pretty
> good job, security-wise.

Saying "well-written" is cheating.  Any well written program is always
good by definition or it is not be well written.  But what about
poorly written cruft?  Almost all languages are easy to write badly.
But some are easier than others.  Both C++ and Perl come to my mind
when I think of bad programming practices and swiss army chainsaws.


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