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Re: Looking for a co-maintainer for adduser

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 10:02:38AM +0200, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> The number of bugs on the adduser package has constantly increased for
> the last few months, though none of them is release critical. Since I
> was busy with other stuff (mostly OpenLDAP and related stuff) I didn't
> keep up with all the feature requests and non-critical bugs. This is
> also partly due to the fact that I don't like the way adduser is
> currently written (and also perl) a lot, and was planning to do a
> complete overhaul (http://www.hbg-bremen.de/~roland/code/adduser.xhtml).
i could be interested

> Matthew Palmer has done some nice work in abstracting the passwd storage
> backend, and adding methods for LDAP storage. The latter, though, still
> needs some more work to be useful in different directory structures.
i have developed a system in python which abstracts from the backend too.
moreover it is easily expandable with python plugins. it is also easy to
develop new applications/utilities using it as a python module. it is
pretty stable, i already use it in production system.


> I am thus seeking for one or two co-maintainers, and appreciate it a lot
> if Matthew would chose to be one of them. The package is managed in a
> Subversion repository on Alioth. The main package is in trunk, Matthew's
> LDAP extended version in brances/adduser-ldap (which should eventually
> be merged into trunk); all in the svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/adduser
> repository. It'd be particularly useful, if you have NIS experience (and
> maybe even a running setup), but not required. There is an adduser-devel
> also on Alioth.

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