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Re: On package description quality

Tom <tb.nospam@comcast.net> a tapoté :

> I disagree.  GUI apps in Linux are so wildly disparate that knowing the 
> basic architecture is pretty important for me to decide whether or not I 
> want it.

What a normal user care about is the purpose and features of software,
not the libraries (toolkit) used to build this software.

As said by Debacle, the user that cares about the toolkit used should
not have any problem to determine by other means than the description
which toolkit is used.

Talking about "GTK+" is confusing for a non-developer users. Well,
most Debian users should not be confused (if they are able to install
Debian, they are already very familiar with GNU/Linux) but even if
Debian currently have this specific audience (which knows the
difference between GTK, Qt, Tcl/tk, Motif, Lesstif (etc.)), packages
should not be built in the idea of keeping such a specific audience.

Debian packages should be usable with an apt frontend like synaptic by
end-users that frankly do not give a toss about toolkits.

(Side note: by GUI apps in Linux, are you talking about the GUI used by
make xconfig? The project Linux itself does not provide any GUI, your
phrase is very confusing.) 


Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker: 

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