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Re: Bug #213524

Jochen Friedrich <jochen@scram.de> writes:

> bug #213524 on automake has the potential to hit a lot of packages
> in a way that they become uninstallable. So far, diff, indent and
> nano have been affected, but there might be more to come.

Ah!  I've recently noticed that a recent install didn't seem to have
odd info files missing from /usr/share/info/dir (in some cases even
though I'd installed the package that day).  This bug sounds like it's
the one responsible.  (Well, the change in behaviour of Debian's
install-info, anyway.)

> What could be done to limit the damage?

No idea.  It's annoying, however.  Much more serious if packages are
actually uninstallable, of course, although I haven't noticed that
yet.  Is there some way to rebuild /usr/share/info/dir?

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