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Re: local Release

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 11:34:10PM +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> Marcos Dione <mdione@grulic.org.ar> wrote:
> [...]
> >    *but*... now I set up atp.conf to have 'frankie' as the default
> > release, but when I try to install galeon, it tries to get the unstable
> > ones. if I try to get the frankie version w/ 'apt-get install
> > galeon/frankie' I get:
> > E: Release 'frankie' for 'galeon' not found

    yes, I did mispelled that one; was copied by hand...

> Provide a Release file (in the same location as Packages.gz). Take a
> look at your favorite Debian mirror for examples.

    Yes, I have one... it's:

mdione@sexy:~$ cat /var/www/local/dists/frankie/main/binary-i386/Release 
Archive: frankie
Component: main
Origin: Credicoop
Label: Debian
Architecture: i386

    anything wrong?

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