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Converting configure.in for use with new auto* tools - what a mess!


I've fixed a critical bug in w3c-libwww and now want to regenerate all the 
libtool/autoconf/automake files. Not trivial!

The usual libtoolize/aclocal-1.4/autoheader2.13 etc works under testing,
but I get build errors there, so I suspect I should try the latest versions
in unstable. (The build error, incidentally, is that libtool wants to
access files named "foo/.libs/.libs/bar", when "foo/.libs/bar" would appear
to be correct.)

With the same libtoolize/aclocal-1.4/autoheader2.13 under unstable, the
latter gives "FATAL ERROR: Autoconf version 2.50 or higher is required for
this script".

Hrm :-/ So next I tried to convert the configure.in to work with newer
versions of automake. I checked the quoting of strings containing commas,
replaced all AM_ macro calls except for AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE/AM_CONFIG_HEADER,
ran autoupdate and cleaned up the mess it made of the configure.in.

Now I've got a configure.in for which autoheader2.50 *still* gives me the
infamous "undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion" error, even though I've 
followed the respective hints in the autoconf info pages.

I've uploaded the file to <http://atterer.net/debian/configure.in> - could 
some autoconf-knowledgeable person please have a look at getting it to work 
with the w3c-libwww sources, or give me some hints what I need to fix?



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