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Re: Resolvconf -- a package to manage /etc/resolv.conf

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 07:29, Jerry Haltom wrote:
> Are there plans to run "up" commands in interfaces after
> dns-nameservers?

That would be desirable.  It would require a change to the
ifupdown package.

> Also, this may seem a LITTLE bit silly, but can dns-domainnames be
> provided with a name, which is then resolved into an IP and added to
> resolvconf?

That idea seems a bit esoteric.  You could set this up manually
by putting a script in /etc/network/if-up.d/ which does something
like this (untested):

  [ "$DNS_DOMAINNAMES" ] || exit 0
  N=$(host $X | grep -v 'not found' | sed 's/.*has address //')
  [ "$N" ] && echo "nameserver $N" | resolvconf -a 000${IFACE}-extra

The script should be named something later than 'resolvconf',
for obvious reasons.  Its if-down.d companion would be something

  [ "$DNS_DOMAINNAMES" ] || exit 0
  resolvconf -d 000${IFACE}-extra

Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk>

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