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How to include symlinks to conffiles in a package?

[repost from -mentors, where nobody answered]


I am currently working on a package that needs to mimic sysvinit's
symlink farm. I have a bunch of scripts put into /etc/network/if.d
which are in turn symlinked to /etc/network/if-$NAME.d for different
values of $NAME.

I'd like to have the symlinks in the package as conffiles, but dpkg
doesn't seem to like that. The symlinks are not unpacked. After
playing with dpkg --unpack and manually configuring the package I
suspect the following:

- dpkg unpacks conffiles with the file name suffix dpkg-new
- It then deletes all stale symlinks
- and then renames foo.dpkg-new to foo after resolving conflicts

Since the unpacked symlinks point to the unsuffixed file name, they
are all considered stale and deleted.

Is there a recommended way to handle this? I'd like to avoid shipping
a symlink list file and to generate the links in postinst.

Any hints will be appreciated.


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