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Debian RC System/Init Scripts

I'm curious if there has ever been any attempt to Policyize scripts
located in init.d. Specifically requiring inclusion of such lines as
DESC="description" or NAME="name". I ask because I am doing a little bit
of work on the rc startup script.

I have found a few scripts in the base install that do not include such
lines, but many others that do.

My goal in monkeying with the init system is to clean it up a bit, and
perhaps develop my own parallel service startup method. Albiet, a bit
less than other distros like Gentoo, as no Debian init script declares

They do however declare a few dependencies, in that all S50 scripts
theoritically can launch parallel. I hope to base my efforts on this.

Please don't denounce my efforts as "Debian doesn't need parallel
starts!" Because I'd like to make it for myself, regardless what Debian

Anyways, mandated inclusion of lines such as DESC, NAME, etc in the
scripts would help me, and probably make for some much cleaner scripts.
My scripts will need to read out the DESC line in order to spit out some
custom boot messages, which the hard coded "Starting X..." in the
scripts cannot provide.

Jerry Haltom <jhaltom@feedbackplusinc.com>
Feedback Plus, Inc.

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