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Re: Horrific new levels of changelog abuse

On Sunday 21 September 2003 10:21, Herbert Xu wrote:

> The only disagreement is with what to do with upstream changes that
> happen to close Debian bugs.  I still maintain that they have no place
> in the Debian changelog.
> 1) It is not necessary for the BTS as only the fact that it is fixed
> in version X is needed there.
> 2) It is not needed in the Debian changelog as it is not a Debian change.

I guess then they should not be closed via the Debian changelog at all, but 
seperate mails to nnnn-done@bugs should be used.

Would the position 'if a bug (upstream or not) is closed via the debian 
changelog, some description must be given how this was done' make sense? 
(Debian changes that don't happen to close bugs should still be documented, 
of course. It's not 'if and only if').

-- vbi

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