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Re: netsaint

Quoting "Jeremy T. Bouse" <jbouse@debian.org>:
> 	Yes Netsaint has been replaced with Nagios... However until some
> issues with the Nagios package (which I've been working on but haven't
> heard from Turbo in some time) get dealt with the Nagios plugins
> packages are being held up from me uploading them to the archive
> although I have them ready to go...
> On Sat, Sep 20, 2003 at 03:52:57PM +1000, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > Are the netsaint packages still needed in Debian?  I thought nagios
> > replaced netsaint and the netsaint packages have heaps of RC bugs.

I've been EXTREAMLY busy so I haven't even LOOKED at my 'debian bugs mail
folders'! A quick look reveals that I have 112 mails in there that haven't
been taken care of.

Things is getting calmer every day, and hopfully I'll be able to take care
of the Netsaint/Nagios mess 'any day now'.

The intention is to do absolutly nothing to Netsaint, but consentrate on
Nagios and when I'm fully confident that the upgrade script I've included
works well enough to be run semi-automatic (ie, from the install scripts
with a user just saying 'Yes, upgrade'), I'll file a bug against the FTP
to remove netsaint.

Sorry for being so ignorant about Nagios...
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