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Re: Virus emails

On Friday 19 September 2003 18:14, Mike Hommey wrote:

> helps catching 95%... But the bandwidth is still used... I'm still looking
> for a pure MTA solution...

root@zbasel:/etc/postfix# cat mime_header_checks 
        vb|vbe|vbs|vbx|vxd|wsc|wsf|wsh))\"?\s*$/        REJECT Attachment name 
"$2" may not end with ".$3"

This still uses the bandwith to the mailserver, but rejects at the DATA stage, 
so no bounces are generated (and go from your site to innocent third 

All I get are the annoying 'a virus was found in a message to you' emails. I 
wish people wouldn't use virus scanners...

-- vbi

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