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Re: Horrific new levels of changelog abuse

On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 08:39:26PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Once that feature is used, the changelog is no longer just changelog but
> also the contents of the message that closes the bug. If people want to
> avoid that, they shouldn't use the feature.

Yes, but that doesn't change the desirable contents of the changelog. It
should list the changes made, nothing more or less. If you need to give
further instructions to users it should be mailed separately to the BTS
or put in the package's documentation. Eg:


	* New upstream.
	  - Incorporates delegation-only patch. (Closes: Bug#234521)

README.Debian and/or mail to 234521@bugs.debian.org:

	* Avoiding the verisign Site Redirector

	Verisign have added a redirector for all unregistered .com and
	.net domains to go to their own server, which provides a search
	service on port 80 (http), and a bounce-all-mail MTA on port 25
	(smtp). This can directly result in confusion for web users, and
	lost mail in some cases; and indirectly result in failing spam
	countermeasures and timeouts on other applications.

	You can avoid receiving any of Verisign's responses by using Bind's
	delegation-only feature; which translates all non-NS responses to
	queries at a particular level to NXDOMAIN responses. If set on .com,
	then the only way to resolve foobar.com is to receive a response from
	the root name servers pointing at foobar.com's nameservers, and to
	receive an A record for foobar.com from those nameservers.

	You can add:

		zone "com" { type delegation-only; };
		zone "net" { type delegation-only; };

	to your named.conf to activate this behaviour. Note that this will
	only be effective if you don't use any forwarders.


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