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Re: Email address

On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 04:04:49PM +0200, Ron Rademaker wrote:
> Has been a while since I last did anything other with debian then just
> using it on my server(s) and I don't think that's gonna change. However
> I saw that a package I created little over three years ago is still in
> the distro, this of course is fine by me, but the e-mail address that
> can be found within the package is an old one. I just don't receive the
> mail that's sent to that mail address, perhaps it would be an idea to
> change the address. So if there are any bugs or something at least I'll
> receive them... And maybe I'll fix them. Oh, this is about the
> ld.so.preload-manager package.

If you intend to restart maintaining the package, just make an upload
with your new e-mail address in the maintainer-field[1], otherwise
please orphan it by submitting an RFA bug as described on
           cu andreas
[1] acknowledging the NMU and fixing #133984 would be nice, too.

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