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generic installer -> dumping non-free

The Social Contract says (in section 5):
"...although non-free software isn't a part of Debian, we support its
use, and we provide infrastructure (such as our bug-tracking system
and mailing lists) for non-free software packages."

If Debian provided infrastructure for *installing* non-free software
would it be able to dump the non-free software itself from the

Where "infrastructure for installing non-free software" means,
standard scripts for: fetching source, building and installing debs
created from source packages where the original source code resides on
third-party servers, incorporating files contained in third-party
software packages into the Debian package handling subsystem.

- Bruce

p.s. - I will not be around for a few days, so I hope I've been clear
enough that any queries can be answered or worked through by the
interested parties on the list... if not, I'll reply on Saturday.

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