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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for August 15, 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> Thanks for looking at this, Andreas.
No thanks necessary here. I was just looking for people who might be able to
close RC bugs I'm not able to close. ;-)
The next step is really closing bugs myself. :-P
But before doing that I would like to say that I definitely knowed that
PostgreSQL dependend packages could be moved vrom non-US to main.  I do not
know exactly why packages like erlang and freeswan stay in non-US and I
would like to get some help (pointers to documents) which packages really
have to stay in non-US to decide whether those buggy packages like

Package: erlang (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Brent A. Fulgham <bfulgham@debian.org>
  189591 [        ] erlang_1:9.2-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: errors building .beam files.

Package: freeswan (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Rene Mayrhofer <rmayr@debian.org>
  203339 [ +      ] freeswan_2.01-1(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: int format, different type arg
  207891 [        ] freeswan - pluto logs debug output to authpriv.error

are there intentionally or if they are kind of forgotten packages and chances
are low that those bugs will be fixed.

Kind regards


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