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modprobe search path

Is modprobe's search path actually well-defined?  I'm trying to work
out what turns out to be a conflict between the kernel-tree i2c
drivers and the kernel modules in the i2c-* packages, and can't find a
consistent way to cause one set of modules or the other to be
favored.  Adding a path[i2c]=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/i2c doesn't help
things one way or the other, from what I can tell, and slogging
through the source isn't being that informative.

Is there actually a good way to deal with this, beyond removing i2c
support from the stock kernels?  (Not necessarily a bad idea, but it
means that some kernel drivers won't be available.  lm-sensors depends
on i2c newer than what's in the kernel, and doing anything segfaults
if you've got a module version mismatch.  The relevant bug is #209122.)

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