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Re: Need help with kernel dependencies

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

> An update to Debian stable is overdue and several kernel packages have
> been altered via security updates.  Some of them have the potential to
> render modules packages unusable and hence require them to be updated
> as well.
> Kernels will be updated very conservatively, but still this can cause
> trouble with modules packages that Debian also ships but in different
> packages (such as alsa, lmsensors, pcmcia-cs etc.), which only match
> one particular kernel-image package.

> I'd like to know if the accepted kernel packages are likely to cause
> problems with the modules packages already present in Debian stable,
> and which modules packages need to be updated.

There aren't prebuilt i2c or lm-sensors modules in woody, so these
packages aren't affected by kernel changes.

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