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Re: IMPORTANT: your message to html-tidy

On Sun, Sep 07, 2003 at 11:09:57PM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 15:40:15 +1000
> Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 06:04:39AM +0100, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > > I'm coming to the view that we're approaching the era where all mail is
> > > going to have to be subject to filtering, at the MTA level.
> > Depends on how useful you want your e-mail box to be.  <g>
>     It has been my experience that filtering at the MTA level has increased
> the usefulness of my mailbox considerably.  

<aol> me too </aol>

stats from last week's mail.log (from my home mail server which handles mail
for about half a dozen people):

      1	Bad HELO
     10	RBL proxies.relays.monkeys.com
     11	Recipient Domain Not Found
     22	RBL relays.ordb.org
     25	strict 7-bit headers
     31	Relay access denied
     32	RBL taiwan.blackholes.us
     34	Sobig.F Virus
     42	body checks
     49	RBL spamdomains.blackholes.easynet.nl
     56	header checks
     61	RBL dnsbl.sorbs.net
    182	IP Address in HELO
    193	RBL brazil.blackholes.us
    218	RBL blackholes.easynet.nl
    271	Local access rule: Helo command rejected
    342	RBL hongkong.blackholes.us
    492	RBL dynablock.easynet.nl
    924	RBL sbl.spamhaus.org
   1080	Local address forgery
   1099	Recipient address rejected
   1133	Sender Domain Not Found
   1771	RBL list.dsbl.org
   1825	Dynamic IP Trespass
   1902	RBL cn-kr.blackholes.us
   2471	Local access rule: Client host rejected
   3005	Need FQDN address
   3581	Local access rule: Sender address rejected
   4267	User unknown

  25130	TOTAL

Spamassassin stats:
    382	spam
   4093	clean
   4475	TOTAL

spam:non-spam (25512/29605) 86.17%
accepted spam (382/4475) 8.54%
rejected spam (25130/25512) 98.50%

i'm reasonably happy with that.  98.5% of all spam was rejected outright.  only
382 spams (1.5%) made it through my postfix access lists, RBLs, etc to be
tagged by spamassassin.

these stats also demonstrate just how bad the spam problem has become.  86% of
all attempts to deliver mail to my server were spam, ~25500 spams and ~4100
legit messages.

if i wasn't blocking spam at the MTA, then at least half of those spams would
have ended up in MY personal mailbox (or, more likely, tagged by spamassassin
and saved into my spam.incoming folder)....about 13000 more spams than i
currently receive.


ps: i love postfix.  it has the best anti-spam features of any MTA.

pps: anyone who wants my simple spam-stats.pl script can get it from

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