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python (parted) question

[no response from debian-python, trying my luck here]

I've been banging my head against a python problem in a package I'm
interested in for quite a while trying to fix a bug.  I'm certainly not a
python expert, so maybe someone here can help...

I have python + python-parted + libparted1.6, all current versions from 
unstable.  Given the above, I need to generate a simple partitioning 
script.  It should be something like:

- init parted
- get probed Device
- get Disk from Device
- create Partition on Disk
- create Filesystem on Partition
- :wq!

Assuming I dont need any error-checking at this point, the above should be
fairly straight forward.  I've studied pgi and some other python tools and
I'm still up against a road block.  Whenever I try to create a Partition
it returns an error that it is unable to do so.  Any help or pointers to
basic, easy to understand, examples would be much appreciated.


Paul Telford | 1024D/431B38BA | pxt@debian.org | paul@droflet.net
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