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Re: overwriting files from modules packages

martin f krafft wrote:
> I am the (new) maintainer of bcm5700-source, a modules package for
> the broadcom gigabit adapter. The final package,
> bcm5700-module-${KVERS}, includes a manpage,
> /usr/share/man/man4/bcm5700.4.gz. I just now ran into the problem
> that while installing the 2.4.22 image and modules, the
> bcm5700-modules-2.4.22 package attempted to install that manpage,
> even though bcm5700-modules-2.4.21 already put it there.

Hmm...  Do you expect your module to be compiled without
--append-to-version being applied to make-kpkg?

Abbreviated example:

  make-pkg --append-to-version -2-686-smp kernel_modules



So this conflict seems to be only possible if the kernel is
constructed raw with no version over and above the upstream kernel
version.  That does not seem very common nor useful.  I would be happy
to continue into the discussion of why kernels need to be named
uniquely which is different from most packages.

I use the broadcom module and I have never run into this case since I
am not sure it is useful (for me anyway) to build a kernel without
some type of identifier for the type of kernel and the version of the
configuration of that kernel.

I have to ask if this is really enough of a problem to justify any
handling at all, special or otherwise?


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