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Re: "non-free" installer packages in our supposedly Free sections.

* Ola Lundqvist

 > Contrib is a perfectly ok place for installers.

  I disagree.  If I have contrib in my sources.list file, and try
 to install a package from there, I expect only Free software to
 be installed on my system.  That means I should get either:

    1) A fully-functional package, which might have been built
       with non-free tools, for instance OpenOffice, or
    2) A package which does require me to install additional
       software to be of use, for instance UAE, or
    3) A 'could not be installed' error from apt-get, which would
       suggest that the package placed a strict Depends on a
       package outside of main or contrib.

  In none of these cases I have gotten non-free software on my
 system.  In the case of the installer packages, especially the
 ones which does the installation from their post-installation
 scripts, I get non-free software on my system from installing
 packages from the sections that should be DFSG-Free software

 >>     flashplugin-nonfree             optional
 > This is in contrib!
 >>     hyperspec                       optional
 > Also in contrib!
 >>     realplayer                      net
 > I can not find this in the archives.

  Quite right, I've messed up these.  Thanks for correcting me.

Tore Anderson

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