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Re: MEI Whitelist Autoresponse

Le jeu 28/08/2003 à 10:03, Adam McKenna a écrit :
> > In which way would have TMDA avoided sending a challenge to the
> > header-from: of a sobig.f instance?
> TMDA doesn't send challenges to From: addresses, it sends them to the
> envelope sender (Return-Path) address.

Nice, but sobig.f also forges the return-path.

> Also, I don't have any hard data to support this, but it's obvious to me
> that the volume of mail generated by virus scanners in response to Sobig.f
> eclipses the volume of TMDA challenges by at least a factor of 10.  So far, 
> I haven't received *one* TMDA challenge that was due to Sobig, but I've 
> received *hundreds* of messages from virus scanners all over the net.
> So, I guess we should add virus scanners to the list of verboten software.

Why not? They are nothing but an annoyance for all users of non-MS
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