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Re: tmda: Challenge-response is fundamentally broken

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On Wednesday 27 August 2003 11:08, Tore Anderson wrote:
>  > I do not intend to play BTS games here; if you change the severity back
>  > to grave, or to any other RC state, I will consider it to be abuse of
>  > the BTS and report your actions to the BTS maintainer, and your ability
>  > to use the BTS will be taken away.

>   I'm Cc'ing debian-devel for comments, as you do not seem to be
>  interested in having any sensible discussion regarding this issue,
>  and amazingly enough instead go on threatening the submitter that you
>  will go to the BTS guys and have him blacklisted from the BTS.  Not
>  very polite to one of our users, I'd say.  Feel free to attempt having
>  me blacklisted, though.

Reread that. All he says is that the BTS is not the right place to settle 
%DISPUTE% and that he will try to prevent its abuse. Without even looking at 
what %DISPUTE% really is, he is right in that. That is what (in this case) 
debian-devel is good for.

Just wondering, is a keyring not also some kind of C-R system ? 

clam down,
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