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Re: [custom] Some issues for custom debian distributions

[Ola Lundqvist]
> There is a package in Debian called dpsyco that is just for this
> kind of stuff. You create a package that you install and it sets
> things up for you. It has hooks for cfengine (I have never used them
> though so I do not know if they work properly.
> I use them to configure my servers.

After looking at the web page (which was not too impressing), and
reading the FAQ and the package descriptions, it seem to do mostly
user administration and access control, with some additions to run
cfengine scripts.  What I am looking for is a system to load debconf
answers into the debconf database before the packages are installed
during first time install.  We use LDAP to distribute user info, so
there is no need for a package to handle that.

I might be mistaken, but dpsyco did not appear to give us anything we
need at the moment.

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