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Re: Bug#204928: reportbug: couldn't call from xargs

On Aug 11, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Package: reportbug
> Version: 2.20
> Severity: minor
> No big deal, but
> $ perldoc -lf binmode|xargs reportbug -f
> doesn't even give an error messages as to why one just gets another
> shell prompt. I.e. no-op. At least say something on stderr.

Congratulations on managing to file a duplicate report.  Of an issue
*you reported*, no less.  (Determining the number of the duplicate
report is left as an exercise for the submitter; hint, it's one of the
dozens of reports from you.)  Closing...

Chris, who wonders aloud why other maintainers aren't blessed with so
many reports from Dan.
Chris Lawrence <cnlawren@phy.olemiss.edu> - http://blog.lordsutch.com/

Computer Systems Manager, Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Mississippi
125B Lewis Hall - 662-915-5765

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