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please cc summary to maintainer when reassigning bugs

It's very annoying to pull my mail and get several bug reports that were
reassigned to debhelper (one of them falsely grave), with no explanation
cced to me. Not only is something like this very easy to skip over, but
it forces me to wait until the next time I am online (in this case, two
days) to get at the BTS and find out why someone thinks debhelpr has a

> reassign 204169 debhelper
Bug#204169: docbook-utils: Build from source on reiserfs gives dangling symlinks
Warning: Unknown package 'debhemper'
Bug reassigned from package `debhemper' to `debhelper'.

Please, as a courtesy, when you reassign a bug report to another
package, cc it to the package maintainer, and put enough information in
so they can know why their package is at fault. Also check the severity
to make sure it makes sense for the new package. In fact, this is good
practice whenever you're doing anything with the BTS control@ that
impacts another developer's bug reports.

see shy jo

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