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Re: About NM and Next Release

On Wednesday 06 August 2003 18:42, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:

> Your conclusion that long DAM wait times leads to slow releases has
> little or no basis in fact.  You do not need to have completed the NM
> process to contribute to Debian.  In fact, I believe the whole DAM
> process would be more effective if we *required* that you made
> non-trivial contributions to Debian *before* the DAM would create an
> account for you.

Why not make Debian Developer a title of honour, given out by invitation only. 
5 DDs together can propose someone to be invited, whereupon the 50 DDs strong 
Debian Parliament will discuss the proposal and decide if the new DD is 
invited in. The DDPL, Overfiend and James Troup of course have the right to 
veto such descisions or fast-track some candidates.

-- vbi (now I just hope I'll never want to become a DD)

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