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Re: Bug#202869: Should MUA only Recommend mail-transfer-agent?


[ note that I atm have the tendency to say that the Depends should
  remain... ]

Hans Fugal wrote:
> * Andreas Jellinghaus [Wed,  6 Aug 2003 at 00:27 +0200]
> > mutt can do many nice things without /usr/sbin/sendmail.
> > a dependency is set if something is always required,
> > a recommends if is required for the common use, and

Right,  although I normally, I decide from pkg to pkg with this
and if the feature needing a package is one of main ones
of the software or not. And the MUAs main features are
reading and _sending_ mails....

> > a suggestion is used if it improved the functionality.
> > so depending on mail-transport-agent is wrong,
> > the recommendation is fine.
> Mutt can read mail without an MTA, but cannot send mail without one.

... but this is bullshit.

I don't need a MTA to send my mail with mutt.

I use offlineimap, courier's outbox feature, direct the mail to
the local Outbox[1], synchronize it and the _mail server_ sends it out.

Or if someone accesses IMAP directly it could

set sendmail=/dev/null

and set Fcc to the Outbox which has the same effect.

There are so many possibilities to send mails from mutt without an MTA..

Yes, sure, this is not the "common" configuration, but possible
and the argument that people using mutt _need_ a MTA is evidently



[1] set sendmail=~/bin/imap/mailout which contains
safecat /home/rene/Mail/INBOX.Outbox/tmp /home/rene/Mail/INBOX.Outbox/new
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