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Re: Should MUA only Recommend mail-transfer-agent?

Artur R. Czechowski dijo [Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 07:21:00PM +0200]:
> Hello
> I've found your bugreport:
> http://bugs.debian.org/202869
> I see no issue to not depending mutt on mail-transfer-agent.
> Mutt as is, is a software for reading, writing and sending emails.
> And to provide a full functionality it needs a kind of transfer-agent.
> I am not convinced to only Recommend on mail-transfer-agent. I rather
> tend to closing this wishitem or tag it as wontfix.
> OTOH this case concerns not only mutt but also other MUA's. Feel free
> to discuss it on debian-devel mailing list or propose a changes
> to Debian Packaging Policy. I will leave this wishitem open until
> an agreement is reached.

I agree with Andreas. On one hand, I have used mutt to read a mbox file
I have lying around while flying - it does not require a MTA to work. On
the other hand, mutt can work in a more mundane environment with a
remote IMAP server. Yes, a MTA is required to send mail, and is thus
strongly recommended - but not having one does not render the package
unusable, so it is not really depending on it.


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