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Re: libraries being removed from the archive

Chris Cheney wrote:
> for example libexif8 was removed by Christophe Barbe and replaced by
> libexif9.  Guess what that does... any package which depends on libexif8
> not be removed from the archive until no other packages still depend on
> it.

Well, if it's uninstallable for a couple of days, does it matter that much?
My guess is that while it would be nice to have other ways dealing with this,
your suggestion would create a ton of problems for maintainers to have to follow
too many old versions of their packages.
In your particular case, the problem seems to be 'grep Package
kdegraphics-3.1.3/debian/control  | wc -l' generating large build-dependencies.
(And yes, I know that this is a design decision by upstream.)
Usually recompiling for soname-changes should not be that big a problem.
I'd rather a slower development process than many packages depending on obsolete
versions of libraries during shipping.



P.S.: I was today hit by #199049 when wanting to reinstall my system, so I've
been thinking about library packages 'disappearing' and recompiling of stuff
today (or yesterday, really).

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