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Re: libraries being removed from the archive

You are kidding right?

I have not removed an old library, I have uploaded a newer upstream with
a different soname. That's the way it works, a new library is uploaded,
then packages using it are rebuilt and when they are all ready they
migrate in testing. 

As the gphoto2 maintainer, I don't remember getting mails from you
announcing an upcoming libusb package with a new soname. Perhaps that's
because I was waiting for a few months to get a working one for our
powerpc users.

IMHO we need to make an addition to the policy stating that not being an
asshole on the mailing-list is welcome. I don't remember sending mails
to the mailing list when the libusb packaging was broken for a few
months, but I do remember sending you polite mails.

For you information, some packages using libexif need libexif9.
I agree that I could (should) have sent a prior notice before uploading it 
(more than a week ago, BEFORE your kdegraphics upload), but that's not
an excuse to be an asshole.


On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 09:32:37PM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
> Today I was reminded of something that causes apps not to migrate into
> sarge.  When maintainers remove old libraries from the archive!  Today
> for example libexif8 was removed by Christophe Barbe and replaced by
> libexif9.  Guess what that does... any package which depends on libexif8
> now becomes... you guessed it... UNINSTALLABLE!  Why does this annoy me
> in particular, because I just uploaded kdegraphics yesterday which was
> built against libexif8. Guess how many hours it takes for the m68k
> buildd to rebuild kdegraphics..... OVER 38 HOURS!
> IMHO we need to make an addition to policy stating that an old lib can
> not be removed from the archive until no other packages still depend on
> it.
> Chris Cheney
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