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Re: debconf 2005 in Vienna, Austria

Hi, Joel Baker wrote:

> Diesel locomotives are a giant diesel generator hooked up to electric
> traction motors, running through the switchbox at something like 600v
> (I haven't read the specs in a while, this might be off - but it's high
> enough to warrant being really careful around). Don't even ask about the
> amperage. Sapping off a little power to run a few household outlets is, by
> comparison, peanuts. Or, really, peanut crumbs.

... assuming that the circuitry used to sap off 220Vac from that is up to
the task.

A few years ago in Germany there was a huge stink raised by the
environmentalists (rightly so, IMHO) because the mid-range trains running
on nonelectrified trains sometimes ran with two Diesel locomotives so that
the coffee machines in the train bistro could get enough juice.  :-/

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