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Re: CUPS should be the default print service in Debian/Sarge

Le Thu, Jul 31, 2003, à 09:44:17AM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz a écrit:

> The last time I tried to use CUPS, I found it to be so user friendly
> that I couldn't get it to do anything useful.  Very pretty, less
> functional; and the documentation was entirely inadequate.

Well, while what you describe more or less matches the experience I had with
CUPS 18 months ago, I don't think it still applies today (with the sarge
binaries). Maybe one could charge CUPS with eating a little bit too much
memory, or that funnelling the contents of linuxprinting.org[*] to enhance the
foomatic-db isn't exactly user-friendly, but save from this, I find it very
nice (even if I'm mostly using its lpr-compatible command-line interface.
aaah, if only gnome-cups-manager wasn't leaking memory like a CPU leaks

	-- Cyrille

[*] for a HP Photosmart 7150.


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