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Re: CUPS should be the default print service in Debian/Sarge

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 14:44, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> The last time I tried to use CUPS, I found it to be so user friendly
> that I couldn't get it to do anything useful.  Very pretty, less
> functional; and the documentation was entirely inadequate.
> On the other hand, while lprng was anything but user-friendly, it was
> simple and well-documented.  Much more important to have something that
> works before you go making it user-friendly!

As a random reply, I've found CUPS to be easy to admin and maintain. 
There are actual documented APIs for accessing the print queue and
spooler, and printing worked first time, even when printing on an inkjet
printer on a Win98 box being shared across SMB.

http://www.cups.org/documentation.php lists plenty of documentation,
which is generally quite good IMHO.

However, I am biased, as I package the GNOME CUPS packages... :)

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