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Re: debconf 2005 in Vienna, Austria

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2003-07-29 17:37]:
> Quoting Sebastian D.B. Krause (krause@sdbk.de):
>> > July in Vienna!  More power to you!
>> Well, but then try not to be on the same date as LinuxTag 2005. :)

 If you would have read the paragraph that was quoted you would have
seen that a conflict with other events (like LinuxTag) is a no way :)

> But close to it would be a good idea also. Dunno whether LinuxTag
> happens on a week-end or during the week, but it would be ideal to
> have Debconf one week after LinuxTag (so that people attending LT
> could come at DebCamp in the between).

 Yes, that's what I thought about initially, too.  Joey?  When does
LT 2k5 happen to be? ,)

> And, I definitely vote for Vienna. Wonderful city which I could easily
> convince wife and kids to plan a visit to...which could excuse a
> week-end geeking for myself just in the neighborhood.. :-)

 Which brings me to one point: My wife plans to do handling of children
during the stay.  She is about to start studying paedagogy and had one
test for her A-levels in paedagogy too, so I am quite confident that she
will do the right thing[tm].

> Another good argument for Vienna : being central in Europe, it is
> close to the most eastern countries of the continent...

 Yes, thats one major reason, too. So the travel for people from eastern
europe won't be too expensive and long.

> Gerfried, I guess you're crazy but this is a great idea.

 Of course I'm crazy :)   I wonder if that should be a check in the NM

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