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Re: More mailing from BTS?

On Monday 28 July 2003 22:31, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> Currently, BTS sends weekly two mails to debian-devel-announce - one about
> WNPP and one about RC bugs.
> I think it will help to improve Debian quality if several more lists will
> be "broadcasted" by BTS:
> - Packages with more than N bugs (I don't know what is a good value for N.
> Maybe 30 or 50 or 100). Packages with huge bug lists probably need
> community help.

Bad idea if not very carefully tuned: large packages tend to have more bugs 
than small packages - I don't think xfree86 having approx. 700 bugs (44 
screenfulls at 80 bugs per screen height in my browser, source package; 
including wishlist and resolved, though) is a sign that xfree is badly 
maintained. It's just a huge package.

The other things are a good idea - but should not be seperate mails, but one 
mail, with the entries in a meaningful order. Generally, you'll want to 
exclude wishlist bugs in all cases, I think.

Another idea: something like the bug squashing game that was proposed at some 
time, but less involved: replace the rc bug list by a 'top ten bugs of the 
week' bug list - just 10 random rc bugs older than 50 days, but with (up to 
15 lines of) the original bug report included. The idea is that perhaps some 
people would then seriously look at these bugs and have at least some of them 
closed at the end of the week.

-- vbi

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