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More mailing from BTS?

Currently, BTS sends weekly two mails to debian-devel-announce - one about
WNPP and one about RC bugs.

I think it will help to improve Debian quality if several more lists will be
"broadcasted" by BTS:

- Bugs that have "patch" tag for (e.g.) 2 weeks (and don't have "wontfix"
tag). Broadcasting such information will help in (seems not rear)
situations when random people submit bug fixes but those are ignored by
not-very-active package maintainers.

- Bugs that are more than N months|years old (and don't have "wontfix" tag).
Broadcasting this information will motivate people to fix or close those
bugs at last. If package maitainer doesn't deal with a bug for a year, he
probably needs help, even if he didn't add "help" tag to the bug.

- Packages with more than N bugs (I don't know what is a good value for N.
Maybe 30 or 50 or 100). Packages with huge bug lists probably need
community help.

Almost every RC bug list mailing gets some positive discussion on
debian-devel, and some bugs get fixed. I believe that these additional
mails will have the same effect.

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