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Re: [custom] Some issues for custom debian distributions

Quoting Tore Anderson (tore@linpro.no):

>  well), as I've seen far too many packages which ask Debconf questions
>  way out of proportion, carelessly ignore policy 11.7.3 (cf. the "manage
>  with Debconf madness" thread), etc.  So even though it is possible to

I hope you didn't forgot to file bugs for this....

For sure, there *is* a real debconf madness. During the debconf
translation work we often find packages which make a huge abuse of
debconf questions, asking for everything to be configured, or showing
useless silly notes.

Maintainers also often misuse priorities. You will event find packages
which have only "high" priority questions. These deserve bug reports.

The "switch to po-debconf" current work offers us a good opportunity
for reviewing the use of debconf questions. When I submit a patch for
po-debconf switch, I sometimes have to suggest removing some
templates...or lower thepriority of others.

Having a lot of debconf questions is not bad by itself. However, the
majority should then be marked of "low" priority as long as they are
notes to users and/or Choices with reasonable defaults.

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