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Re: [custom] Some issues for custom debian distributions

* Petter Reinholdtsen

 >  - Preconfigure the packages we install
 >      Using two different approaches: (1) Load answers into the debconf
 >      database before the packages are installed using some home-make
 >      scripts, and (2) rewrite/replace configuration files using
 >      cfengine at the end of the installation if the package is unable
 >      to configure what we want using debconf.  I'm fairly satisfied
 >      with this solution, but am not sure if the method used to feed
 >      the debconf database is the best available.  I believe the best
 >      option would be to extend all the packages we use to make it
 >      possible to configure everything we need using debconf answers.

  God, No!  There's far too many Debconf questions being asked by
 various Debian packages already, IMNSHO.

  If something like this should be implemented, I'd like to see these
 questions only be asked at reconfigure time, or not asked at all.
 That way Skulelinux could preseed the Debconf database and get the
 package working the way you want, while I can install Debian without
 going nuts about all the questions I'm asked.

  However, the best solution I can think of right now would be to
 implement diversion support for conffiles in dpkg, so you could
 create a 'skolelinux-config' package which contained (or generated)
 configuration files attuned to Skulelinux, where necessary.

Tore Anderson

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