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Re: [custom] Some issues for custom debian distributions

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:28:27 +0200
Tore Anderson <tore@linpro.no> wrote:

> * Petter Reinholdtsen
>  >  - Preconfigure the packages we install
>  >
>  >      I believe the best option would be to extend all the packages
>  >      we use to make it possible to configure everything we need
>  >      using debconf answers.
>   God, No!  There's far too many Debconf questions being asked by
>  various Debian packages already, IMNSHO.
>   If something like this should be implemented, I'd like to see these
>  questions only be asked at reconfigure time, or not asked at all.
>  That way Skulelinux could preseed the Debconf database and get the
>  package working the way you want, while I can install Debian without
>  going nuts about all the questions I'm asked.

If is debconf used 'the right way' (tm) it is only a blessing. The only
thing maintainers should do is assign the right priority to a question
(Well and of course take care that all changes to configuration files
are preserved). That way people that want automation or just like
questions get what they want and people that want to rewrite
configuration files just set a high priority and get a nice and quite
apt-get update/install.

grts Tim

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