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ITA: yadex -- WAD file editor for doom-style WADs

retitle 201391 ITA: yadex -- WAD file editor for doom-style WADs


I'd like to maintain yadex, which I'm using quite often, for debian.
Anyway it was about time for me to do something for debian, so adopting an
existing package should be the right way to start.

I've packaged it, changed changelog, and closed the remaining bug

I've read the debian policy manual, the developer's reference, the
social contract, and the DFSG.

Next step seems to look for a sponsor, so if anyone is interested i'm
clean and don't eat much ;-)

If i'm doing something wrong, please forgive me, i'm trying to figure
out how to do, using the debian-mentors ml archives.

Wagner Frederic
Unix - where you can throw the manual on the keyboard and get a command

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