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Re: unicode

On Friday 25 July 2003 11:04, David Pashley wrote:

> Probably the biggest unicode problem I have noticed is with man and/or
> less where it can't display dashes correctly. At least it doesn't seem
> to work out of the box.

Fully ACK

vbi@altfrangg:~$ cat ~/bin/man
LC_CTYPE=de_CH `basename "$0"` "$@"

this is my standard wrapper for quite a few programs which can't deal with 
unicde. In particular this is man, many gtk1/gnome1 programs, xawtv

But in general, things tend to work reasonably well, and get ever better.

The man (really: groff) issue is known, but AFAICT the fix is really, really 
difficult since groff just doesn't know anything about encodings, and the man 
page sources are in a variety of encodings. groff 2 is supposed to fix these 
problems, but I've got no idea when it is supposed to come.

-- vbi

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