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Fwd: Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue

[Please Cc me on replying, I'm not on the list]

Nothing better than waking up and finding 40 new mails in your inbox. Including at least 30 times the attached message.

I am certainly not the uploader of these files. There is no 0.80-2 version of this package and if it would be an NMU, surely the version number was wrong. But I prefer not to ignore this message. If possible I'd like to know where this upload came from.

Why does katie delete the files instead of moving them to REJECT like it normally does? And is there any way to still get some clue about who did this?

(Btw, why a time in American time zones in the message? Isn't GMT/UTC the Internet standard? And why is this message deleted before the average European wakes up?)

Wilmer van der Gaast.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Archive Administrator <katie@auric.debian.org>
Date: vri jul 25, 2003  09:31:59 Europe/Amsterdam
To: lintux@debian.org
Subject: Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue

Probably you are the uploader of the following file(s) in
the Debian upload queue directory:
This looks like an upload, but a .changes file is missing, so the job
cannot be processed.

If no .changes file arrives within 15:37:50, the files will be deleted.

If you didn't upload those files, please just ignore this message.


	Your Debian queue daemon

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