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What's the character encoding of manpages?


what are man pages, or more generally, groff documents, supposed to be
encoded in?  I didn't find any reference to that in groff(7).  Is it

The problem arises because I have to transform a Docbook XML document
into a manpage; there, all spaces (ASCII 0x20) inside a <literallayout>
are translated into 0xA0 in the output.  I don't know what an A0 is
supposed to be, but man ignores it when generating output, thus
effectively removing the spaces from the output.

If a groff document should be ASCII, then this is a bug in docbook-xsl. 
Otherwise, I don't know.

You can reproduce the problem compiling the sitemap package from sid.

[Side note: there's also another problem unrelated to this; see
for more information]

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