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Re: May packages rm -rf subdirectories of /etc/ ?

* Thomas Hood (jdthood@yahoo.co.uk) wrote:
> In a discussion that followed from this thread off-list, some
> people agreed that the administrator should be asked what
> he or she wants to do with an obsolete conffile.  The conffile
> should not be deleted silently because other packages may be
> using the file.

I see this as totally bogus.  Either the conffile is shared or it isn't.
If it's shared then the packages involved know this, if it's not, ditto.
If it's not shared then it should be removed and the user doesn't really
need to be asked unless removing it would affect their configuration
(not likely if it hasn't been modified and has now been obsoleted).

I have exactly this situation with slapd and plan to be adding things to
deal with it.  Basically if the file (/etc/ldap/schema/krb5kdc.schema
iirc) hasn't been modified and isn't referenced from slapd.conf I'll
nuke it.  If it's been modified or is referenced in slapd.conf I think
I'll probably leave it alone but inform the user about it being


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