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Re: proposal: per-user temporary directories on by default?

* Christoph Hellwig 

| On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 02:09:28PM +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
| > There is already a PAM modules, libpam-tmpdir which automatically sets
| > this up on login by creating a per-user directory under /tmp and
| > pointing TMPDIR at it.  Despite the scary low version number of 0.04
| > it seems to work reliably and presumably any bugs could be fixed.
| Nice idea, wrong implementation.  Let login fork the login shell with
| CLONE_NEWNS and do a VFS-binding from ~/tmp to /tmp.

CLONE_NEWNS is 2.4.19 and higher only.  Also, ~ might be on NFS or
similar where you don't want to put temporary files.

(And about the version number of libpam-tmpdir: it could just as easy
have been 0.4, in which case nobody would have thought it was
«scaringly low».  Yes, I'm upstream for it.)

If we were to put it in as default, I'd like to clean up the code a
bit.. it should be safe, but it could use a little tidying up.

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