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Using reportbug with Gnus


first of all I would like to excuse if my question/problem might be
wrong on the devel list and should better have been mailed to a
debian-user-ML. I thought the DDs here are experienced reportbug users.

Well, I know how to make bug reports with reportbug's internal mailer
but actually I want to use Gnus for reportbug.

If I want to file a bug via `reportbug  -G' Emacs starts up and I can
edit my message. But when I want to send it by pressing C-c C-c I get
the following error:

| Symbol's function definition is void: gnus-agent-possibly-save-gcc

Okay, I read man reportbug, I read /usr/share/doc/reportbug/ and I looked
in /usr/share/reportbug/ where `gnus-agent-possibly-save-gcc' could have
been used but nowhere I found this option to be used/set.

If this is a bug somewhere in the combination of reportbug/Gnus I will
submit a bug report, if it is not a bug and I am just too stupid to know
how to deal with it please hit my dumb ass and tell me what I am doing wrong.

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