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Orphaning some astronomy related packages

I am currently maintaining a number of astronomy related packages. I
am no longer working in astronomy though so I do not use any of these
packages any more, I thus have no way of really testing them. I also
do not really have the time to deal with them as I have taken on
several more packages which I am more heavily involved with and am
regularly using. With this in mind I would like to find new
maintainers who can take some care over them, they are:

1) libastro-ads-perl - Modules for querying the Astrophysics Data System
2) libastro-catalog-perl - Generic O-O astronomical catalogue object.
3) libastro-dss-perl - Interface to the Digital Sky Surveys astronomical DBs.
4) libastro-simbad-perl - O-O interface to the SIMBAD astronomical database

These 4 have the same upstream author, I am unsure as to whether they
are still being actively developed as no activity has been seen on
CPAN recently. 

5) libastro-fits-header-perl - Tools for reading, modifying and writing FITS headers.

Same author as above but seems to be actively developed, can be used
in connection with Perl modules such as PDL.

6) libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl - Perl extension for using the cfitsio library.

Different author, actively developed, depended upon by
libastro-fits-header-perl so I would be interested in someone taking
the two together.

7) libastro-waveband-perl - Transparent change between astronomical filter names, wavelength and frequency.

Different author, actively developed, I think.

8) sextractor - Builds a catalogue of objects from an astronomical image.

Different author, actively developed. There is a new version upstream
which I have not had time to package as there are several big
differences between current and new packaging. It now uses autoconf
though which should simplify matters and the licensing is GPL now
which is great.

If any of the packages are unclaimed after a couple of days I will
upload with the QA group as maintainer and file bugs.


Stephen Quinney


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