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Re: Future releases of Debian

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 12:37:30PM -0800, Britton wrote:

>   2.  To be informed if a package I use regularly has some_number of RC
>       bugs open in unstable for some_amount_of_time.
>   3.  To be informed if a package gets orphaned upstream, or (more
>       feasibly and probably more importantly) at the debian level.

There are two scripts which already do this, rc-alert and wnpp-alert,
written by Anthony DeRobertis and someone with a fetish for pythons (sorry,
no name in the script).  These do quite a good job for me, and I'm actually
in the process of packaging them up with a cron script to e-mail their
results to the machine admin periodically.  

You should be able to find the scripts in the archives (I can't remember now
where I found them, but I remember finding out about them on debian MLs) or
you can hang about until I package them (which could be sooner or a bit
later).  I don't know whether the package will go into Debian proper yet, or
just hang around on my personal site.

- Matt

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